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Roaming Services

WIND Hellas, in accordance with the European Roaming Regulation and its obligation to cover reasonable requests for wholesale access to public mobile telephone networks for the purpose of providing roaming services, publishes two reference bids (RO) containing the conditions for "direct access wholesale roaming 'and' access to wholesale roaming resale', respectively.

WIND Hellas aims to meet the needs of providers seeking reliable and innovative solutions.

The publication of reference bids (RO) does not prevent trade negotiations between interested parties at the price level of the final wholesale roaming access agreement or any additional wholesale access services that go beyond what is necessary for direct access to wholesale roaming and access to wholesale roaming resale. WIND Hellas has the right to modify the reference bids (RO) at any time

WIND Hellas is willing to examine with each interested person any business scenario that could respond to existing needs and establish new collaborations with mutual benefits.


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